Bathroom renovations are our speciality

Bathroom renovations are our specialist area. They require the co-ordination of many sub trades in order to effect a professional and attractive outcome, in a timely manner. We are very good at this, having done this for many families over the last 10 years. There’s lots to think about before you start the renovation process. We have included some helpful tips and information of the process below but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

Considerations before you start

  • Is your bathroom functional?
  • Is the shower big enough?
  • Is the vanity in the right place?
  • Is the vanity the right size?
  • Is there enough light (especially on the mirror)?
  • Is steam managed effectively?
  • Is there enough storage?
  • Do all the plumbing fittings work properly?
  • Are all the drains working?
  • Is the toilet flushing correctly?

Cost of a bathroom renovation

Nearly everyone wants to know how much renovating or remodeling a bathroom will cost from the start. Bathrooms are an open-ended question when it comes to costs. We thought we would include some choices you will make that can affect the amount you will spend.

Floor Finishing

  • Vinyl is cheaper than tiling.


  • All ceilings must be painted, Unpainted ceilings will look old and grimy once the rest of the bathroom looks new.


  • Plumbing costs a lot to alter. If you can avoid having to move it, it will save you money.

Wall Finish

  • Tile skirting (about 100mm up the wall), paint remainder. A smarter looking option than timber with little extra cost.
  • Tiles to half height, paint remainder. Very slightly cheaper than full height tiles.
  • Tiles to ceiling. Very smart but the most expensive option. Be careful on your choice of colour as this will affect the feel of the bathroom.

Bathroom Fittings

  • Your choice of bathroom fittings will be reflected in the style and look of the finished bathroom. Costs of these items is a significant part of the overall price, so choose carefully. Bear in mind that you will want them to last a long time, so select good quality if you can. Quality and functionality should be key points in the decision process.

Our clients

We have been renovating bathrooms for 10 years and have an extensive client list. During our initial consultations we can supply you with some testimonials relevant to your project.

Some of our work you may be familiar with:

  • Waldorf Hotel, Downtown Auckland
  • Quest Hotel, Albany and Carlaw Park
  • Auckland Waitakere Gardens Retirement Village, Henderson
  • Kensington Park Apartments, Orewa
  • Auckland University Apartment complex, Carlaw Park