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We supply and install showerdomes for all types of showers. After just an initial phone consultation, we can make a booking. We then arrive on the day with the correct dome and complete the installation within 1 – 1½ hours. The shower can be used immediately upon completion. Should your Showerdome become dusty, or in need of a spring clean, with the use of a screwdriver and the removal of no more than two screws, the owner can remove the dome for cleaning anytime.

Further information

  • If you want to manage steam damage to your bathroom, you will find that a showerdome is absolutely the most effective means to achieve this.
  • Showerdomes are selected, then custom cut and fitted onsite to match your shower.
  • You will find that your shower will be warmer as no cold air is present inside.
  • A showerdome is similar in cost to fitting an extractor fan. A showerdome will always work. A fan often doesn’t.
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We are an authorised independent installer for Showerdome LTD.
Showerdome LTD recommend you contact a trained installer – That’s us!

We have over 10 years experience in the supply and custom fit of Showerdomes!