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If you are a good DIYer and comfortable with building work, you may choose to prepare the bathroom for your new shower. Once the floor, timber framing and gib have been installed, we will come in, fit and level the shower tray, install the shower liner and door set, seal it off and give you a 5 year warranty against leaking.

For those who prefer a more hands off approach, we will take care of all aspects of your new shower installation, (and old shower removal if required), from reframing the walls, relocating your plumbing, repairing any rotten or damaged woodwork, to installing the shower, gib stopping the walls, painting and tiling if needed.

Frameless Glass Tiled Showers
These are a speciality of ours. Should you desire a contemporary smart look to your bathroom with zero chance of leaking, then give us a call. Our system makes use of the best materials and undertile tray systems to ensure that your bathroom stays looking sharp and performing well for years to come.

fix leaking showers

Leaking showers
Leaking showers are a problem for many families. The cause of these leaks is varied, and often difficult if not near impossible to identify the cause without removing and reassembling the shower. For this reason, should your shower be showing signs of leaking, we will completely uninstall your shower, clean all components and reinstall it the way the manufacturer requires. Once this is done a 3 year warranty will be given against any leaking. Should we find that the floor or wall framing has become damaged as a result of the leak, no problem, we can fix that at the same time with a minimum of fuss.

Shower Types
There are several different types of showers to consider when you are thinking of replacing yours orĀ remodelling your bathroom. These are usually broken down into Framed or Frameless glass showers.
If you choose one of the Frameless options, you will need to consider some other items, such as wall lining type and base (tray) type. We have included some advise on these items below. Some framed options will also have the same considerations and your trained shower installer can advise you of this.

shower types


Tile Base – Can be formed by a tiler using a mortar type mix, over which he will waterproof at the same time as the walls. This is the least certain system for ensuring no leaks. Any leaks from this system are usually undetected for long periods of time, as they occur under the tiles and cannot be seen until the substrate gives way.
Tray Under Tiles – A metal tray, usually Aluminium, (which has an upstand inside the wall to which the waterproofer will adhere) will be tiled over so the tray is not visible. This system gives a high level of certainty against leaking, as the main point of failure, (the floor/ wall junction) has been eliminated.
Tray, With Wall Tiles – It is entirely possible to use almost any existing shower tray, with wall tiles and achieve a waterproof, leakproof shower.

Wall Linings

  • White Plastic Wall Liner
  • Waterproofing and Tiles
  • Hardiglaze – Less common and only used with the old style stainless steel shower tray.
  • All are equally viable wall finishings as long as they are installed by experienced and fully trained installers.

Shower Glass

  • 6mm Thick
  • 8mm Thick
  • 10mm Thick
  • Thickness depends on the type and extent of the framing. It really is your choice and comes down to style and cost.